Grog Jobs

The Grog & Gruel employs upwards of 20 staff for much of the year in a variety of positions. Although there is seasonal fluctuation, many of our staff work year round.

The nature of the work is all that you’d expect from a pub and restaurant; serving food and drinks through to preparing the food in the kitchen.

We’re proud of the fact that working here is a fun and (as far as work can ever be) enjoyable. However, we’re still serious about what we do, so working at The Grog & Gruel is generally both rewarding and satisfying. Cheesy? Perhaps, but chat to any of our staff, particularly those who’ve been here for years, and you’ll get the picture.

See our Current Vacancies, or read on for more about the typical roles at The Grog & Gruel.

Bar & Waiting Staff

Chefs & Catering Staff