Grog Diary in September 2019

Being just a damn good pub, we’re all about serving great beer and mouth-watering food, and not about filling in little boxes with names, dates and events. Let’s face it, it’d be a boring page if every day we entered, “Another cracking day at The Grog & Gruel“.

But, from time to time,  there may be something worthy of note. Maybe some live music, perhaps the odd beer festival, or maybe something happening elsewhere in the town that we think might be of some appeal to at least one or two of our customers.

So here goes…


Open Music Session – All Welcome

Every Friday evening The Grog & Gruel hosts an open music session. Everyone is welcome to come along and make some sweet music. As with all open true open sessions, the emphasis is on the informal. You're welcome to bring your own accoustic instruments, or you can borrow ours. So long as no one has pinched them then we have…

  • From: 27th September 2019 at 09:00 pm
  • At: The Alehouse

Want To Add An Event?

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What You've Missed

You can also visit our Grog Blog pages to give you some idea of what you've been missing. But fear not, there are usually more similar events planned.