Orkney Brewery

Founded in 1988 on the northern Isle of Orkney. Now part of Sinclair Breweries, along with Atlas Brewery in Kinlochleven.

Orkney beers have been appearing on the bar at The Grog & Gruel since we opened, and Dark Island is still a favourite with many of our customers.

Dark Island 4.6% abv

A typical Scottish beer which has a certain ‘something extra’. The nose on this beer is ripe and fruity with slightly vinous esters, married to interesting hop notes – the colour of a glorious red ruby wine. Description ‘A rich wine coloured ale with a beautiful hop and malt balance’.

Dark Island is delightful with cheese dishes, steaks and hamburgers or as a satisfying drink during the evening.

Raven Ale 3.8% abv

A golden coloured ale with an intense grainy nose, rich and fruity on the palate with a lingering hint of hop in the finish. Described by the experts as ‘A delectable rounded ale with a fruitiness that suggests a higher gravity’.

Raven Ale is enjoyed as a ‘session’ beer, or with a light meal at lunchtime or the start of the evening.

Red MacGregor 4.0% abv

An outstanding mid gravity beer which has a generous hoppy nose and a wonderful flowery hop flavour with a smooth malty finish. Described as ‘A beautifully simple session beer with a stunning balance of hops and malt – a new taste sensation’.
Red MacGregor is an exciting ale to drink – just by itself – or with a variety of dishes – notably salads, pasta dishes, fishy starters and sweet desserts. Definitely not to be missed!

Dragonhead Stout 4.0% abv

A truly classic black stout which is absolutely brimming over with roast malt flavours, balanced with a complex hop blend which ensures an enjoyable experience. Description ‘Really smooth with roasted after taste – an excellent example of a stout’.

Dragonhead tastes delicious with any type of food – drink it at home with your cheese and biscuits, a light supper, or pour one out to drink before retiring.