Houston Brewing Company

Founded in 1997 in Renfrewshire.

Peter’s Well 4.2% abv

The mystical magic of this well is reflected in the rich golden colour, fruity flavour and full hop aroma of this light and refreshing ale.

Killellan 3.7% abv

Killellan is the historic name for Houston.

This is one of our most popular ales which we use the finest hops to produce a golden coloured, clean mellow and refreshing ale with a long zesty finish.

Barochan 4.1% abv

The Barochan Cross once sat proudly on the crest of one of Houston’s countryside hills, but it was removed fairly recently and placed in Paisley Abbey for it’s preservation and for the delight of visitors to the Abbey.

Barochan is smooth and ruby coloured with a touch of roasted barley, rounded with a lingering maltiness and a clean finish.

Texas 4.5% abv

Named Texas for our sister Houston across the pond because it’s brewed with American hops which merge with the pale chocolate malt to produce a wonderful amber, full bodied ale.

The Cascade hops explode on the nose creating an unforgettable ale experience with a lingering fruit aftertaste.