The Isle of Skye Brewery

Founded 1995, Uig, Isle of Skye.

Red Cuillin 4.2% abv

Smooth, malty and slightly nutty; lightly fuggles-hopped for aroma. Named after the famous hills of the Isle of Skye, Red Cuillin is a premium ale, which has won many awards. Like the hills, it is rounded and pleasing.

Young Pretender 4.0% abv

A golden-hued, hoppy, refreshing ale of character and flavour. The driest of the Skye Beers possesses a refreshing full flavour and a light aroma.

Black Cuillin 4.5% abv

The dark one, brewed with rolled roast oatmeal and honey. It takes its name from the world renown mountains of the Isle of Skye, and is a unique strong flavoured dark ale.

Hebridean Gold 4.3% abv

A distinctively different ale, brewed with porridge oats. An ale of exceptional smoothness, with a deep and creamy head.

Blaven 5.0% abv

A strong, refreshing, golden ale, malty and full-bodied. A fruity, hoppy character and delightful aroma.

Ben Nevis Race Ale

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